June Talk – The Royal Navy Instructor Officers’ Association

Posted on Tuesday 8 June 2021

Join us on Thursday 17 June at 1900 when we welcome The Royal Navy Instructor Officers’ Association who will deliver a talk on their recently published book ‘Schoolies’.  You can book here.

The panel comprises John Nixon, Co-founder and Editor; Michael Rose, Co-founder and Web Designer; and Mike Channon OBE,  Senior Associate Editor.

John Nixon joined the Royal Navy as a 15-year-old boy entrant at HMS Ganges in 1968 and left in 1992 as a Lieutenant, with nine years’ service as an Instructor Officer. His sea-going ships were HMS Bulwark (evacuation of Malta in 1971), HMS Falmouth (during the Falklands War) and HMS Kent. Having obtained a Cert Ed at Garnett College in 1982, his appointments as an Instructor Officer were HMS Sultan, HMS Mercury, NATO HQ Brussels, and HMS Collingwood. On leaving the Navy, he gained a PhD in economics at the University of York while working as a Research Fellow in Health Economics, becoming widely published and cited in his academic fields of work. Now fully retired, he writes and publishes biographies and autobiographies with family members and RN associates. John takes the lead role in sourcing and publishing material for the RNIOA.

Michael Rose joined the Royal Navy at BRNC Dartmouth in 1981 having graduated with a BSc in maths from the University of York. During his 16 years’ service, he served in HMS Fearless (BRNC training ship), HMS Fisgard, HMS Collingwood, HMS Sultan, HMS Dryad and Captain Naval Operational Combat Systems (CNOCS). In January 1991 Mike obtained an MSc in the Design of Information Systems from the Royal Military College of Science (RMCS), Shrivenham, thus becoming an IO computer specialist. After leaving the service in 1997 as a Lieutenant Commander, he worked in software development and as a database administrator in London, Sacramento, USA, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Having settled and married in Brazil, Mike now works as an English teacher and website designer and takes the lead role in web design and administration for the RNIOA website.

Mike Channon OBE – having graduated with a BSc in Chemistry from Sussex University, followed by a Dip Ed, Mike taught for one year at Brighton College before joining the Navy as an Instructor Officer in September 1968. After initial training at BRNC Dartmouth, he served in HMS Pembroke, HMS Plymouth, HMS Sultan, HMS Seahawk (three times), HMS Daedalus, HMS Kent, HMS Warrior, HMS Tamar, MOD London, and SACLANT, USA (twice) in a career of more than 28 years, predominantly specialising in meteorology and oceanography (METOC). Mike left the Navy in the rank of Commander at the end of 1996, but continued working in education and training management as a NATO civilian at SACLANT HQ in Norfolk, Virginia. Now in full retirement, his extensive knowledge of the Instructor Officer Specialisation means that he can provide invaluable advice and input to all RNIOA editing and writing projects.

The Royal Navy Officers' Charity (RNOC) have supported
officers and their families since 1739