Production Manager – UniKLasers

This is a rare opportunity to join a small, growing and highly specialist company that will offer you the chance to grow and have a tangible impact on a business that has an exceptional technology in its field. UniKLasers is a diverse team of talented and energetic people, dedicated to innovation.

UniKLasers develops and produces novel CW Single Frequency, Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) lasers for demanding applications in:

  • Leading edge research
  • LifeSciences and associated BioMedical areas
  • Semiconductor metrology
  • Holography
  • Environmental Metrology and many others

UniKLasers is the only company to be able to configure Continuous Wave Single Frequency Lasers to uniquely emit at any wavelength covering the spectral range from Near Infra-Red up to Ultra-Violet from a single universal technology platform, using proprietary patented BRaMMS technology.

This novel patented technology provides reliable, cost effective, compact all-solid-state and class leading solutions for both well established and currently unavailable, but demanded, wavelengths.  This opens up applications in portable and remotely controlled systems and devices, which have been never before considered feasible, including Quantum Technologies.

Production Manager

Area: Manufacturing

Reporting to: Manufacturing Director/COO

Headline mission: SLEEK (Sustainable, Lean, Excellent, Effective, KPI-achieving) manufacturing

Your role will be to manage manufacturing processes and relevant operational elements of the business. This includes managing the logistics, stores and production control for a low volume, highly specialist engineering facility. You will make sure schedules are checked and adhered to using strong project management skills as well as good people development skills to lead a small but developing team of Scientific and Technical engineers.

Job Description:

The primary functions of Production Manager are day-to-day management of the manufacturing team and production activities (schedule management, cost, cycle time, inventories, procedures, performance to plan, customer support) as well as safety and wellbeing of the workforce.

The Production Manager is a member of the senior management team, and is a key influencer of company’s direction, business objectives and their KPIs.

Production Manager is a key authority in clean, safe, well-stocked, on-schedule and modern manufacturing process.

UniKLasers’ Production manager finds new options and solutions to manufacturing schedule, supply and logistical problems, thus ensuring that the company continues to maintain, improve and grow to financial success.

Essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Develop strategies for each operational area supported by KPIs, continuous improvement plans, budgets and controls
  • Lead on the cost reduction programmes for the function, reducing cycle times and inventory
  • Ensure quality operation systems are up-to-date
  • Implement, drive and embed performance improvements using Continuous Improvement tools, including lean, KPIs and visual management
  • Responsible for Stock control and effective supply chain
  • Responsible for production scheduling
  • Jointly with Chief of Manufacturing responsible for the performance of the production team
  • Direct and motivate the production team
  • Responsible for H&S
  • Responsible for monthly reporting on production team progress
  • Serve as a member of the Senior Management Team

Required Skills and Experience:

  • B.A. in Engineering or related discipline
  • Around 5 years of relevant industrial experience or transferable experience such as Army, Navy, RAF
  • Leadership and management skills (proven experience in a senior role with line management responsibility)
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft office and ability to new learn programmes quickly
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proven experience in a technical/industrial environment, where high level of organization and safety discipline was required
  • Experience in setting up and implementing processes and procedures
  • Experience in working in environment with high value equipment
  • Ideally, previous SME business/start up experience
  • Ideally, experience in high precision engineering environment

Personal characteristics: excellent manager, problem-solver, analytical, confident, consistent, energetic, inspirational, eager, start-up mentality, positive, detailed and process focused.

Apply by 20 May to Anastasia Bombrys – Email