February Talk – Naval Uniform Developments

Posted on Friday 11 February 2022

We’re looking forward to welcoming our February Guest Speaker, Joann Robertson, Head of Logistics Support, Royal Navy who will talk about naval uniform developments and the rollout of the new Rig 22. Thursday 17 February at 1900 – book your place HERE.
Joann Robertson is a strategic business driver whose professional instincts and clarity of vision have carried private and public sector organisations through transformation. She started her career as a fast track graduate with British Steel in 1994 and has been a consistent force ever since.
Since 2009 Joann has worked in the MOD, joining as an Analyst for Dstl working on Logistics Network Enabled Capabilities and then traversing the organisation to build her knowledge in roles such as Head of Science and Engineering Profession Analyst, Programme Manager, Requirements Manager, Change Leader, Science Gateway, Head of Research and currently Head of Logistics Support.

Joann’s success formula is 80% Execution (do it) 15% Position (stick to it) 5% Strategy (Plan it)

Guided by this formula, Joann has achieved high impact results, highlighted by the following:

  • Delivery of a business re-engineering programme which enhanced productivity by 8%
  • Introduction of new products and services increasing contribution by 12.5%
  • Increasing the impact of S&T in Army HQ by 60%

Joann is distinguished by her passion for improvement, her focus on collaborative team building and her commitment to deliver success. Her contagious enthusiasm instils her and her team members with extraordinary energy and dedication in an environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged.  Joann does not just set out ambitious goal – she motivates people to deliver.

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