Views from the Fleet Flagship 5

Posted on Thursday 8 July 2021

Presenting the fifth instalment in our exclusive series Views from the Fleet Flagship:

What is your role onboard?

I am one of the Logistics Section Officers onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth. My day to day role sees me running Summary Hearings, and managing the Captain’s Office, Ship’s Office and Cash and Travel Office. When not working with the very professional and talented Writers onboard, I unwind by watching a film, reading a book, or socialising in the Wardroom in the evenings.

What has the ship been up to in the last fortnight?

The past two weeks have included a very busy successful port visit to Limassol, Cyprus. This allowed the ship to top up with an extra 30 days’ worth of provisions, and allowed everyone to take some time out and unwind. For me this meant trying some of the local food and watching some amazing sunsets. During this port visit, I was privileged to be the Guard Officer in charge of the Ceremonial Sunset at the end of the Reception onboard. It was an honour to carry this out in front of the High Commissioner of Cyprus and other distinguished guests. The ship has now transited the Suez and is looking forward to crossing the Indian Ocean into the Asia Pacific region to continue the deployment.

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