ARNO Fundraising – Corfu Cycle Challenge

Posted on Monday 20 July 2020

Thank you to all ARNO members who have donated, pledged and taken up a 100 for ARNO 100  Challenge during July to help us raise funds to support sister charity the RNOC. Your help is very much appreciated at this difficult time.

We’re delighted to report that ARNO member Lt Charles Robinson has raised more than £200 through a on and off-road cycle challenge in Corfu – his objective was to do >1000m climb in one ride. He then decided to do 10x the challenge as a climb of 100m on a bike is not that difficult!

Cycle Challenge Corfu – Sunday 19 July

Route:  ‘From house to Sinies, up the road to Porta, across the mountain to Mt Pantokrator, from there down the road to Acharavi and back via Kassiopi to Sinies, but I was only at 950m so I went up the hill again to Porta until I got the right height gain and back down the off-road track home. Also did 43km as part of the package, the bit down from the summit was the best’

Sense of achievement 9/10 – ‘Perhaps I could have done 200m climb!’

Thank you Charles for your support – we’re glad to hear you had a rest on Sunday afternoon.

Want to take the 100 for ARNO 100 challenge?

You can support us by fundraising for the RNOC throughout July – 100 laps of your local park or garden (walk, run, cycle), 100 press-ups, 100 dance routines, 100 cakes to bake for friends and family or 100 of anything else by way of a sponsored challenge. Why not take the Challenge as a group or a Wardroom – every 100 for ARNO 100 will make a difference!

Every £100 raised or generous donation will have a lasting impact on our diverse range of beneficiaries.

Full details on our Fundraising page – we look forward to sharing more Challenge stories!

You can also Donate directly via the RNOC site, Pledge to our Big Give Christmas Challenge (pledge now and donate later – we need 50 pledges for matched funding) or use one of the easy ways links below to support us as you shop online:

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